Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just another day,

Heyheyhey! <:

Yesterday, 1.12.2010, went out with baby, junyang kor, swee sheen mei and junyang's brother at Tampinese Mall. Have a great day on that day.
Me and my baby bought a pair of couple ring.
Love him alotalot man. ♥ (:

Today, 2.12.2010, just came back from hospital to visit my grandma. She's quite fine already, doctor say maybe can recharge from hospital tomorrow. But we ought to learn how to feed her with milk through a pipe through her nose that thingy. She can't eat food reasons is because the food might go into her lungs and stuffs. Yeah. She only can't speak really properly. Hope she will recover asap yeah. (:

Shall end here. Love you hunzs. (:

161112; iloveyouttmxm. ♥

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

301110; Faster recover uh my dear grandma! ):

HIHIHI peoples! Just managed to create this blog, as previously my blog is dead and it was like how many years never touch at all, haha I know it's too exaggerate! Well, I deciding to create this new one, so officially would be using this account for postings and stuffs. Stay tune and read my daily lifetimes! W.Loves. ♥

Today went to hospital see my grandma. She can't speak properly, we still have no idea why she would like that. Previously my family though is stroke, but doctor says is not. Few days ago she was still fine like normal humans. Time pass really fast, change things really fast. She was so poor thing. ): Sigh.
Really hope she can recover faster, I want back my old cheerful and active grandma! Aww.

Shall end here. (: